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Steven Harris and Law Enforcement Consulting.

As you can see from the other sections, I teach military, Department of Defense, civilians, emergency responders, ham radio operators and other interested groups but I generally do NOT teach law enforcement.

I've tried to teach law enforcement over and over and have found that cops are just not interested in learning from anyone who is not a cop.  There is BLUE and there is YOU.  If you are NOT BLUE, then they are NOT interested in YOU.  Cops love to play NIH (Not Invented Here).  If it was not invented here, they are not interested.... and you wonder why we call you blue canaries ?

In case you are part of a law enforcement organization and you actually would enjoy what I have to teach, I would be happy to provide the education....but if anyone in your group wants to play the above games, I'm not interested.   Been there, done it, got the scars, stay out of my sandbox.

UPDATE:  Steven Harris was a Reserve Sheriff Deputy in my local county for approximately 5 years.  I have since moved. 

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