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Steven Harris Family Preparedness Consulting

For people and families or groups of families that want personalized preparedness for your specific location and needs, I do on site preparedness training and assistance.

I travel to your location and spend a few days with you setting up your family preparedness for the disasters that concern you.  This include food, water and power.  You will need to buy certain items before I arrive and there are other items such as food stuffs that we will go out ourselves and purchase while I am there and package for storage as well as use.  This way you know what to get, why we got it and how to store more when I am not there.   Its about me teaching you, not me doing it for you.

While I am there not only do you get the information but you get the training.  I will train and drill you on the emergency use of your food, water and power until you have it ingrained in your memory.

We will make food from your supplies, eat food from your supplies and run the whole house with the power out and power the house either from your vehicle, your back up battery system or a whole house generator or what ever best fits your need.

During the next disaster, you will not be cold, hungry, thirsty and left in the dark with a dead cell phone.

( Email me at  h2fuel (at) mail (dot) com )